Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tim Horton's, The Best thing to come out of Canada since Jim Carrey and Michael Myers.

So, what can two dollars and a buttload of patience get you on a cold and snowy day? Insight into the consumerist conspiracy on coffee, a warm place to hide, a way to meet new people and a whole buttload of People Soup to sketch.

Seriously, it's like a parade of locals that hide during the daylight hours because of their cartoonish freakishness and don't let the people who appreciate the way that they move or look see them to put them down on paper. Oh, and the coffee and hot chocolate are cheap too.

I was having some creative blockage occur while working on some freelance things that will hopefully pay off big in the near future, when I'd decided to try and visit a local coffee house in order to check out the flow of the locals and see what I could sketch from that. Maybe get my hand to loosen up, and find some inspiration, you know? Super Steven Silver style, my friends!

I can't get through the Keri model sheet that I'd started a few days ago, and looking at some real people would've helped. Or so I thought.

I did wind up seeing a local politican, who'd asked for my contact information for some upcoming projects he'd had in mind in the future. (He'd totally forgotten that he'd met me, knew me and I had to remind him of that at the end of our conversation by mentioning how much weight he'd put on.) The owner of a damned good local bakery that'd made the best creme filled doughnuts I'd ever tasted. (Don't worry, she's looking for a new place to re-open because the old town she was in wouldn't let her put in a drive-thru and practically forced her out of business.) Not to mention, a few locals that were dying to be sketched.

I guess I'm writing this as a mea culpa for both not posting in so long and for not posting any new sketches as of late. I'll have some new stuff on one of my other blogs in the next few days, in regards to my freelance projects, and hopefully some sketches of the people soup. As for this blog, I need to clean up some of the new logos that I've sketched out while wating to use this computer at the local library, as my household internet access has been disconnected for a bit and finish up my Keri model sheet.

Until then, please enjoy what I've got posted so far, and I'll keep writing and researching other writers, artists and sketching!

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